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Why oh why the sick stuff?

Posted on: September 21, 2012

Picture courtesy of Petstop.com

I am a massive animal lover.  Ok, so I will be honest that this means mostly dogs, but in general, I love all animals and would wish no harm on any. Afterall, we are a nation of animal lovers in the UK, right?

Lately, I have been feeling my anger bubble at a particular English newspaper.  Am I allowed to name and shame?  Well I am going to anyway…Daily Mail.

I loved Daily Mail.  I would be refreshing their website multiple times per day to make sure I was up to date with the worldly going ons.  But lately, I have found myself pretty disgusted.

Every single day I feel like I am faced with story upon story of sick, twisted animal cruelty.  I understand that the newspaper wants to get people reading its articles, but I have to ask what is this world coming too when acts of meaningless violence and torture to such animals should be publicised in such a way?

For many people I am sure this is just seen as yet another article that passes the page.  But for many like I who treasure and love their animals, it is terrible.  Every time I see yet another detailed account of the abuse suffered by an animal, my day is impacted. It seems as if it is becoming a growing epidemic in England at the moment.  Of course, this is just my opinion, but last year I don’t recall so many sad stories gracing the pages.

For those people who are capable of doing these things, repeatedly glorifying their actions by making them newsworthy is just providing the sick and twisted individuals notoriety for an action that should I meet them in a dark alley…they would not be coming out looking the same.


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